Dealing with the Storage Challenges Containers Create – Storidge Briefing Note

White Paper

Why Remake Storage for Modern Data Centers

Podcast – Intel Storage and Storidge

Tom Gallivan presents Storidge’s Container IO technology on the Intel podcast.

Solution Brief

Fast and Easy Persistent Storage for Docker Containers with Storidge and Intel

CIO User Slack

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In-depth references and commonly asked questions for our product are available in our documentation section.


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Cheat Sheet

Using Docker with Storidge’s Container I/O cheat sheet

API Reference

Our API interface is documented at this resource.

CLI Reference

Detailed usage information about our CLI interface is available on our reference page.

Defining the SDS Market

Hypervisor based SDS and Storidge in Tech Target article


Our blog, which contains the most recent developments, can be found at this link.

DockerCon 2015

Our ContainerIO product was on the New Innovators Showcase.