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Add a node

You can scale the performance and capacity of a cluster by adding nodes.

  1. Open a terminal, ssh into the sds node and run the cioctl join-token command. This outputs a cioctl join command, a token and a cioctl add command.
    # cioctl join-token
    Issue a join request to the primary node by running the following 
    command on the new storage node:
        cioctl join root c1ed56b7
    After the join request is received, add the new node to the cluster 
    by entering the following command on the primary node:
        cioctl add c1ed56b7

    Note: the cioctl join-token will only run on the sds node. Running the command on a non-sds node will return an error.

  2. Open a terminal, ssh into the storage node to be added. Run the cioctl join command produced by the cioctl join-token output to join a storage node (c44 in this example) to the cluster.
    # cioctl join root c1ed56b7
    There are multiple IP addresses on this system ( on ens10f0, on ens10f1, on virbr0).
    Re-run the join command by specifying the IP address with the --ip flag,
        cioctl join root c1ed56b7 --ip

    On a multi-homed machine, i.e. connected to multiple networks, cioctl join suggests the first IP address found. You can use the suggested IP address or select a different network interface by changing the IP address after the --ip flag.

    # cioctl join root c1ed56b7 --ip
    Adding this node to cluster as a storage node
  3. Return to the sds node and run the cioctl add command produced by the cioctl join-token output.
    # cioctl add c1ed56b7
    <13>Feb 17 10:15:42 cluster: Copy auto-multiNode-c41.cfg to all nodes
    <13>Feb 17 10:15:45 cluster: Initialize target
    <13>Feb 17 10:16:47 node: Initializing metadata
    <13>Feb 17 10:16:52 cluster: Starting cio daemon
    <13>Feb 17 10:16:53 cluster: Starting API
  4. Run the cio node ls command to see the new node (c44).
    # cio node ls
    NODENAME             IP                NODE_ID    ROLE       STATUS
    c41              a49d9ccc   sds        normal
    c42              c236e059   backup1    normal
    c43              06aa2eb7   backup2    normal
    c44              b19dacaf   standard   normal

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