Storidge Volume Plugin Released for Docker

By April 24, 2017 July 24th, 2017 Uncategorized

Volume Plugin for Docker Enables Enterprise IT and DevOps Teams to Build and Deploy Enterprise Applications in Docker Containers

Docker Volume Management and its plugin architecture provides a model for connecting persistent storage from third party vendors to applications running in containers. This enables a flexible approach to supporting stateful enterprise applications such as databases. However, the lack of high-performance, highly reliable, persistent storage has held enterprise IT and DevOps teams back from realizing the full benefits of containers.

In addition, the Storidge Volume Plugin unlocks new possibilities for IT teams who want to use containers for existing and legacy applications. This plugin combined with the capabilities of Storidge’s ContainerIO software includes the ability to:

  •  Prevent noisy neighbors: Enable IT and DevOps to ensure consistent performance for their containerized applications with automatic QoS and QoS limits, multi-tenancy, and performance policies.
  • Make data portable: With native Docker, when a container moves, its data volume doesn’t move with it. With Storidge, no matter where containers are scheduled, built-in storage orchestration ensures applications always have access to their data.
  • Deliver high availability: Storidge aggregates servers and clouds to create a unified data layer. With Storidge capabilities and your scheduler, applications and data continues to be accessible on a new node when a server fails.
  • Scale-in and scale-out: As traffic fluctuates, it is expensive to keep servers running when demand is down. The flexibility of the Storidge engine provides tremendous cost savings by enabling cluster nodes to be added as demand increases and then removed when application workloads goes down.

For more information on Storidge’s Volume Plugin and ContainerIO software, please visit the following resources: