A Better Way to Manage Storage
for Containers and the Cloud

Easily deploy and manage Docker storage for your host or container cluster in minutes.

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Docker Storage For
Containers And Modern Data Centers

Containers have made it easier to quickly develop, test and deliver applications; we believe storage should do the same. Our Driverless Storage® is purpose-built to automate storage for containers, orchestration systems, and software-defined data centers. This enables Operations to provision persistent storage to containerized apps within seconds, deliver consistent performance, and scale resources to demand.

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High Availability

Our intelligent ContainerIO software ensures high availability for applications. Storage orchestration moves the data volume to the container as it is rescheduled — even in the event of a node failure.

Guaranteed Performance

ContainerIO's unique QOS manager eliminates noisy neighbor problems and ensures consistent performance for each application by setting minimum and maximum performance limits.

Cost Savings

Demand can fluctuate. ContainerIO provides tremendous cost savings by enabling cluster nodes to scale up or down based on application workloads.

Run Anywhere

Use a common data management layer for stateful applications no matter where they run, on-premises or in the cloud. The freedom to place workloads eliminates the risks and costs of cloud lock-in.

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