10 minute install, easy to operate and minimal maintenance means more time in your day

Container IO

Making persistent storage easy for cloud native applications

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

With better availability, performance and scalability

Data Persistence

No data loss when containers or machines stop or fail

High Availability

Redundancy, orchestration and failover to keep applications running


Guaranteed quality-of-service keep applications responsive


Provision storage through schedulers based on what applications require


Run everywhere with the same user experience and APIs

Data Protection

Data services to always secure and protect your data

Data Persistence

Make data persistent

Stateful applications consists of a running container and it’s data volume. With native Docker, when a container is removed, the data volume is deleted. And when a container is moved, it’s data volume does not move with it.

With Container IO (CIO), containers always have access to their data. Through our deep integration with schedulers, Storidge volumes are automatically moved to the nodes where the containers are running.

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With Docker, data volumes don’t move

With Storidge, data volumes become persistent

High Availability

Keep apps running

When a server fails, your applications can fail and access to data lost. Replication at the application level is costly in time and performance.

Storidge aggregates resources across servers to create a data management layer. On a node failure, volumes are automatically detached and reattached to operational nodes keeping your data accessible.

While applications continue running, the Storidge engine initiates a rebuild of impacted volumes and data redundancy is restored in the background.

Volumes move to operational nodes keeping data available


Keep apps responsive

Production environments consist of containers with different workloads running on the same server. The result is competition for performance and unpredictable application response times.

Storidge’s QoS capability delivers performance isolation and enables performance guarantees for each container so your apps are predictably responsive.

Set performance and capacity independent of each other

Ensure app and storage performance


Automate provisioning

Management of traditional storage is manual, knowledge intensive and time consuming.

Storidge’s ContainerIO software embeds storage expertise and tight integration with schedulers. A profile specifies requirements, works with schedulers to automate provisioning and manage volumes for container workloads.

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One approach everywhere

Apps no longer just run on dedicated infrastructure. ITOps teams must cope with a mix of applications on a variety of platforms and environments.

Storidge keeps the same user experience and APIs on all platforms (private, public, bare metal, virtual) so you can consistently deploy and manage anywhere that best fit your workloads. This unified approach applies the same knowledge and processes across all platforms and reduces opportunities for platform lock-in.

All you need in one place

Same user experience and API on any platform or cloud


Easily access and manage any resource in the cluster


Easily deploy services and stacks from app templates, Github repos or local files


Create and manage images, networks, volumes, profiles, secrets and configs


Secure access with your company LDAP/AD. Define teams and allow management to certain teams


View container logs, performance and resource usage. Monitor cluster capacity, IOPS and bandwidth usage.


Add endpoints to manage more than one Docker environment