A Better Way to Manage Storage
for Containers and the Cloud

Why Storidge

We at Storidge believe in revolutionizing the way people think about storage. We believe in simplifying the life of IT Operations. And for the last four years, we've been working around the clock to fulfill that dream. By pouring hundreds of hours into careful architecture, programming, and design, we've cultivated a powerful and responsive product with a user experience so simple, that even a new intern could start up a cluster within minutes of downloading our software.

While delivering ease-of-use for persistent storage was an important goal, it was not our only priority; below are some of ContainerIO's most powerful and revolutionary features.

Key Features

Scale-in and Scale-out

Demand can fluctuate with the buying season. It is expensive to keep servers running when demand is down. The flexibility of the Storidge engine provides tremendous cost savings by enabling cluster nodes to be added as demand increases and then removed when application workloads goes down.

Application Intent

Managing storage is hard because it requires specialized knowledge and time to manage storage infrastructure. Storidge manages storage infrastructure so you don’t have to. Instead application intent is captured in profiles so persistent storage is automatically provisioned for your applications on-demand in seconds.

Guaranteed Performance

Production application environments consists of many containerized applications with different workloads and performance requirements running on the same server. The result is competition for performance (commonly known as noisy neighbors) and unpredictable application response times. Storidge delivers consistent performance for your applications by managing minimum and maximum performance limits for each application.

High Availability

When a server fails, your application and data volume can fail with it. Storidge aggregates servers and clouds to create a unified data layer managed by a common storage engine. With the Storidge engine and your scheduler, your application and data continues to be accessible on a new node when a server fails.

Persistent Storage

Stateful containers such as databases or key-value stores consist of a stateless container and the container’s data volume. With native Docker, when a container moves, its data volume doesn’t move with it. With Storidge, no matter where your containers are scheduled, our built-in storage orchestration ensures they always have access to their data.

With native Docker, volumes do not move

Data is Persistent with Storidge

Deployment Options

Storidge gives you the ability to consistently deploy and manage on the platform that best fit your workloads.

  • Bare Metal

    Storidge software deploys on commodity server hardware, delivering a low-cost enterprise storage platform that takes advantage of the latest processor, memory, flash, and disk advancements. Use your own hardware or deploy using our hardware partners.

  • Cloud

    For workloads on the clouds, images are available with the Storidge software already installed. Just select an instance type that is appropriate for your workload.

  • Laptop

    Deploy the same distributed storage cluster running inside VMs on your laptop. Test your applications and containers locally to avoid the “I don’t know, it worked for me…” disputes.

How it Works

Storidge software was developed to assist organizations in meeting their infrastructure agility, data center modernization and cost containment initiatives. It is the only data management solution uniquely built to deliver enterprise application performance for both on-premises cloud and public cloud workloads.