Persistent storage for Docker containers in 10 Minutes

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CIO is the fastest way to enable stateful applications for a Docker Swarm cluster. And now with Portainer managing Swarm clusters has never been easier.

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– Highest performance Docker storage for containers
– Benefits of zero storage administration
– High availability to keep apps running
– Scheduler based provisioning

Storage Expertise in Software

Deploying CIO on a server with a Docker Engine turns that server into a scale-out storage node. Running CIO hyperconverged delivers bare-metal performance for your containerized applications. With CIO, you get container-granular controls for persistent storage, data management and availability in a scale-out environment.

Two Step Quick Start

For your convenience, a script is provided for installing the community edition of CIO software into development environments quickly and non-interactively. The use of convenience scripts is recommended for dev environments only, as root permissions are required to run them. This script will detect your Linux distribution and version, and install all dependencies and suggestions of the package manager without asking for confirmation.

CIO currently supports CentOS 7.5 (3.10 kernel), RHEL 7 (3.10 kernel) and Ubuntu 16.04LTS (4.4.0 kernel), with more distributions on the way.

Step 1. To install, simply run

curl -fsSL | sudo bash

Repeat the installation on all nodes that will be members of the CIO cluster.


Step 2. Initialize cluster

Start the CIO cluster with the cioctl create command. The output includes a command to join new nodes to the cluster. Add new nodes with the cioctl join command or just run the cioctl init command to complete setup of the cluster.

Data Drive Requirements

During installation, CIO will automatically aggregate drives from each node into a shared storage pool. A minimum of three drives per node is required to ensure data redundancy. CIO will only add raw devices to the storage pool. Drives formatted with a file system or partitioned will not be added. Delete the partitions or clear the drive metadata as needed.

Server Requirements

The CIO software runs on bare metal servers, virtual machines, or on cloud servers.

Bare Metal Server
Virtual Machine
2.0 GHz Duo-Core Intel x86 CPU 2 or more virtual CPUs
20GB Boot Drive 20GB Virtual Disk for Boot Drive
3 x 100GB SSDs or HDDs as data drives 3 x 100GB Virtual Disks as data drives

Storidge is working with hardware partners to deliver CIO software in certified appliances for private cloud deployments.

Community Edition Limits

The community edition of CIO includes all features and capabilities. The only limit is that this version is licensed for:
– maximum 2TB capacity in the cluster
– maximum 4 nodes in the cluster

The CIO software is currently pre-release. The community edition software is a developer, non-commercial use release provided with no warranty for testing.

We'd love your feedback

Storidge anticipates releasing CIO software for general availability in the coming months. Your feedback and input is important as we bring our software solution to the Docker community.


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